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Owen K

December 5, 2023
Trip taken December 5, 2023

Mark is an outstanding guide with extensive knowledge of the local geography and history. He successfully located fish for us, explored numerous areas, and was very amiable and supportive. I strongly endorse him!



May 21, 2023
Trip taken May 21, 2023

An excellent guide who has grown up in this area, possessing an extensive knowledge of the waters.



February 24, 2023
Trip taken February 24, 2023

Mark put in a full day's effort, taking my wife and me on a polling adventure. He was unafraid to use extra fuel when necessary, engaging us in great conversation, and remained dedicated to ensuring everyone had an exceptional trip! I wholeheartedly endorse this Captain's service...

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May 2, 2022
Trip taken May 2, 2022

We had an awesome time during our two full day trips with Captain Mark. He taught me fly fishing and new techniques like how to choose the right color fly. I also hooked my first tarpon. I had an awesome time fishing. Thanks Captain Mark!



January 22, 2022
Trip taken January 22, 2022

5/5 would recommend fishing with mark!



January 20, 2022
Trip taken January 20, 2022

We recommend fishing with the Captain!



December 30, 2021
Trip taken December 30, 2021

Went there for a December fishing trip, and would recommend.



December 29, 2021
Trip taken December 29, 2021

It was an unforgettable trip! Great guide, great boat. Would highly recommend



December 29, 2021
Trip taken December 29, 2021

We fished with Mark during the holidays and would recommend



December 12, 2021
Trip taken December 12, 2021

December fishing trip with him. We recommend Blackwater Guide Co



November 28, 2021
Trip taken November 28, 2021

Excellent day fishing on the water with our full day trip with captain mark. Learned a lot with our conversation and his knowledge. Willsurely go back


Bettina K

December 24, 2020
Trip taken December 24, 2020

Mark's charter was enjoyable and informative; we highly recommend it!

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Blackwater Guide Co has garnered a plethora of exhilarating five-star reviews from our ecstatic guests, who have experienced the ultimate fishing adventure through our Everglades fishing charters. Embarking on unforgettable journeys to Everglades City, Everglades National Park, and the captivating backcountry of Southwest Florida, our guests have been captivated by the thrill of fly fishing, expertly guided by Captain Mark Cherney, our seasoned fly fishing guide. The excitement in their feedback resonates as they recount reeling in prized catches like Tarpon, Snook, and Redfish, fueling a newfound passion for Florida fly fishing. Our attention to detail, top-tier fishing gear, and well-equipped boats have left our guests thoroughly impressed, resulting in tailor-made fishing trips that exceed their wildest expectations. Blackwater Guide Co promises an exhilarating and personalized fishing experience, ensuring lasting memories for all who set sail with us.

Blackwater Guide Co Customer Reviews are provided by our guests. We focus on providing our Everglades Fishing Charter guests the very best experience. Our Fishing reviews are from trips in Atlantic Ocean, The Everglades, Gulf of Mexico, Mud Bay, Tamiami Canal Number C-4, Wood River, Rodgers River, Rodgers River Bay, Broad River, Mullet Bay, Third Bay, Second Bay, Toms Creek, Lostmans Five Bay, Two Island Bay, Lostmans Five, Onion Key Bay, Plate Creek Bay, Broad River Bay, Rodgers Creek, Indian Camp Creek, Harney River, Raulerson Prairie, Joe River, North Harney River, Avocado Creek, Shark Cutoff, Otter Creek, North Prong Otter Creek, Tarpon Bay, Rookery Branch, Oyster Bay, Waltz Key Basin, Lower Sugarloaf Sound, Upper Sugarloaf Sound, Huston River, Ponce de Leon Bay, Pine Key Bight, Turkey Basin, Chatham River, Jewfish Basin, Little Sable Creek, North River, Storter Bay, Big Lostmans Bay, Snake Bight, Similar Sound, Cudjoe Basin, Coupon Bight, Homestead Canal, Chevelier Bay, Sandy Key Basin, Tarpon Creek, Coot Bay, Lane River, Blackwater River, Bear Lake, Alligator Bay, Georgia Fruit Farm Creek, Flamingo Canal, Lostmans Creek, Lake Ingraham, Little Shark River, Gator Bay Canal, Cudjoe Bay, Last Huston Bay, Lostmans River, Faka Union River, Whitney River, Rocky Creek, Rocky Creek Bay, Gator Lake, Mud Lake, Barron River, Middle Fox Lake, Sand Hill Bay, Left Hand Turner River, East Fox Lake, Oak Creek, Broad Creek, Ferguson River, Cattail Lakes, Lake Placid, Halfway Creek, Fakahatchee River, East River, Gulf Shores Marina, Jungle Bay, Southwater, West Palm Run, Back Bay Marina, Cochran Lake, Brown Lake, Ole Marina Docks, Burns Lake, Geiger Creek, Mrazek Pond, Big Boy Lake, Southpointe Marina.